Simple solutions for complex problems

Units Master

Professional unit calculator and converter for contractors, engineers, architects, builders, and students

Calculate US, imperial and metric units the way you need!

Units Master - professional unit conversion calculator

Business Contact Book

Advanced contact manager for Mac

Complete contact management solution for business and individuals to organize and manage personal and business contacts.

Contact manager for Mac


The best sticky notes app for Mac and Windows

JustNoteIt is perfect for people who want to organize all their ideas in one place. Quickly create, format, organize and search notes, choose your style and much more.

Sticky Notes and Notes Manager

Calculator with Fractions

Get the latest version of Fractions Pro with lots of features for solving complex math problems.

It now offers more intuitive fraction input and supports the natural display for fractions. We also added trigonometric and square root functions and updated rounding options.

Advanced Fraction Calculator

Math apps and calculators

Having trouble with a math problem? Try a great collection of Math Apps and Calculators that help you explore, better understand, solve and practice various math problems. Intemodino math apps cover a wide range of math problems from fractions to equations and inequalities.
Math apps and calculators

Random Number Generator

Not sure how to pick random numbers? Random Number Generator is a handy yet powerful tool to create random numbers for a variety of lotteries, researches, prize draws, contests, and more.

Get Random Number Generator for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows

Random Number Generator

Health and Fitness Essentials

Best apps for health and fitness.

Calculate your body mass index and healthy weight.
Calculate the amount of energy expended while at rest.
Learn how many calories you burn every day.
Plan your workout to reach calories goals.
Health and Fitness apps

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