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Inequality calculator - solve linear and quadratic inequalities

Check your results and get a deeper understanding of a problem with the detailed step by step explanation! Try the Inequality Calculator with Steps by Intemodino that solves a wide range of linear and quadratic inequalities, including inequalities with fractions and parentheses.

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Inequality Calculator Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common questions asked about Intemodino Inequality Calculator, including types of inequalities you can solve, how to input expressions, view and edit previously solved problems, print results and send the history of calculations via email.

What types of inequalities can I solve using the Inequality Calculator app?

Inequality Calculator can solve anything from simple linear inequalities to quadratic inequalities containing fractions and nested brackets. Unfortunately the current version of the app does not solve inequalities with a variable in the denominator but we are working to add this option to next releases.

How do I input inequalities?

You can easily enter your inequality using app's keyboard that allows you to enter problems of different complexity. Just enter the inequality you want to solve and the calculator will show you the solution as an interval (interval notation) as well as the way how the problem was solved.

Where can I find my previously solved inequalities?

The inequality calculator saves all the solved problems so you can easily recall them later using the arrow buttons in the app's top menu.

How can I print the results?

While the app does not provide the built-in Print option, you may send the results via email and then print them.

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