Generate secure passwords

How to use the secure password generator

With the password generator you can generate passwords of any complexity based on specific parameters.
All options you may need for generating strong passwords are selected by default. They include using uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols and an option to exclude repeating adjacent characters. Default password length is 12 symbols. These options can be easily changed - just enter the password length, number of passwords you need to generate and configure options for the types of characters you want to include.

Secure Password Generator

How to generate a password that is 11 characters long and does not contain any special symbols - only letters and digits.

In the upper-left corner of the generator window set password length by typing 11 in the Password length field. As all options are selected by default, to exclude special symbols, remove a tick for "Include special symbols". If you want to use both uppercase and lowcase letters, do not change the corresponding options, otherwise uncheck the option you do not need.

How to generate a list of passwords that are 15 symbols long and contain lowercase letters only.

Increase password length to 15. Once you have set password length, remove a tick for "Include uppercase letters", "Include digits" and "Include special symbols" options. For the "Number of passwords to generate" option set the number of passwords you need and then you may tick the "Exclude duplicate passwords" option. Clicking the "Generate" button will produce a list of passwords.
With the Copy button you can easily copy generated passwords. After pasting your passwords you can clear the clipboard using the Clear clipboard button below the list of passwords. To remove your passwords from the password generator, do not forget to click the Clear button.

How to generate passwords which contain letters, digits and special symbols

First of all you should set the desired password length. Then make sure "Include uppercase letters", "Include lowercase letters", "Include digits(0,1,2,..,9)" and "Include special symbols" options in the Settings window are selected. If you need to generate two and more passwords do not forget to put a tick for "Exclude duplicate passwords". To get passwords click Generate.

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