How to update AutoFill information in Safari on Mac

With Safari Form Autofill, you can automatically fill online forms with your personal details such as name, address, phone number, etc., logins, passwords, and even with credit card information. So you should regularly check that the information you use for autofill is accurate. If the information you use for Form AutoFill is not up to date, you should make the necessary changes.

To change AutoFill details:

1. Open Safari and choose Safari > Preferences.

2. Click Autofill.

Safari Form AutoFill

3. Click Edit next to the type of form autofill details you wish to change. Also you can uncheck some options.

If you need to update your personal details, e.g. your address, phone number or email address changed, click Edit next to Using info from my Contacts card, find your Contacts card and make the necessary changes.

If you wish to modify your login details such as user name and password, click the Edit button next to User names and passwords. Here you can remove a website that is marked as 'never saved', so Safari could save a password for this website when you revisit it.

AutoFill user names and passwords

If you need to remove your old credit card and add a new one, click Edit next to Credit cards.

To remove a website for autofill, click Edit for Other forms.

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