How to use Stickies on a Mac

What are Stickies and how do I use Stickies on my Mac? The Stickies app is a built-in note-taking app for Mac that is packed with all the necessary options to create, edit, and organize notes on your Mac.

Stickies let you create the unlimited number of sticky notes keeping them in one place as long as you need. You can easily update existing notes and quickly delete notes you do not need any more.

When you create a sticky note, you get a blank note where you can start typing. The Stickies apps lets you import text, images or put selection from the screen into a sticky note. When you finish editing, just click somewhere on the desktop or start a new note.

Stickies appearance can be customised the way you need - you may change colors, fonts and transparency. Changing sticky notes colors is really easy. To color your sticky note, just choose the color you like from the Color menu.

The app provides a wide variety of options to format notes. To change the font style, click the Font menu and choose the appropriate font options.

The Stickies app supports the search option so you can easily find the information you need. Press Command-F to search for words or phrases within a sticky note.

Another simple but really useful option is the Speech option that lets you read the contents of stickies.

If you have many notes, you can search them instantly and keep them organized on the desktop. The Stickies app provides different Arrange options, making it easy to hide stickies if you do not need them at the moment or Bring All to Front when you need them again.

If you want to put sticky notes on the top of other windows, you can make sticky notes floating with the Floating Window option from the Note menu. From the Note menu, you can also choose the Translucent window option to make the sticky notes translucent, so they do not cover up the opened windows. Some commonly used commands are supported by hotkeys.

With one-click you can minimize sticky notes and expand them again.

To delete a note, click the close button in the top left corner.

Stickies for Mac is a basic note taking solution that will be perfect for everyone from students to professionals and the best thing - it is already on your computer.

Stickies How to

How to launch Stickies

You can launch Stickies from the Dock or Finder. If the app is not added on your Dock, open Finder, then go to Applications and scroll down the list of apps until you find Stickies. Double click on it to open the app. When you launch the app, a new note is created.

How to create a new note in Stickies

Launch the Stickies app.
Open the File menu on the top left of your screen and click New Note or press Command-N.

How to change a note's color

To organize information in a more visual way, you can change the color of your notes. Just select the note, open the Color menu and choose the color you would like to use.

How to add a picture into your note

You can drag or copy and paste images to notes.

How to arrange notes in Stickies

If you have lots of notes, you may want to arrange them in a certain order to find them quickly. Open the Window menu, choose Arrange by and choose if you would like to arrange your notes by Color, Content, Date or Location on Screen.

How to collapse and expand notes in Stickies

To quickly collapse or expand a note, double-click the title bar of your note or go to the Window menu and choose Collapse or just press Command-M.

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