How to fill forms automatically on a Mac

Filling out web forms with name, email address, billing address, credit card details and other information manually takes lots of time. If you do a lot of online shopping or often login to websites, you can save time and enhance your Internet shopping experience with Form AutoFill available in Safari.

Safari saves information you enter while filling forms and fills it automatically every time you revisit websites that require this information.

You can use the Form AutoFill feature to enter contact info, logins, passwords, credit card information and more.

While Form Autofill saves your time by filling web forms automatically, you should keep in mind that anyone who uses your Mac can autofill your information. For security reasons, you should configure your Mac to require a passcode to unlock the computer.

How to autofill contact information in Safari

With the AutoFill option, you can automatically fill in contact information from your Contacts card on your iMac/Mac mini/MacBook/MacBook Air/MacBook Pro.

To autofill contact information in Safari you should add your Contacts card in the Contacts app, if you have not done it yet, and configure the AutoFill option in Safari.

If you have not created your Contacts card:
1. Open the Contacts app, click "+" and select New contact.

Add Contacts card

2. Enter personal details you will require to autofill.

3. Press Done to save your contact information.

After you created your Contacts card, open the AutoFill tab and select Using info from my Contacts card.

AutoFill contacts in Safari

Now, when you start filling a web form's field with your personal information, Safari offers you to autofill it with information from your Contacts card.

To view or edit your contact details, click Edit.

If you have problems with filling contact information:

1. Choose Safari > Preferences, click Autofill and make sure Using info from my Contacts card is selected.

2. Then click Edit to check that you Contacts card contains all information you require to fill.

3. If AutoFill still doesn’t work, make sure the website allows autofill. Sometimes it happens that Safari may be unable to match fields correctly.

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