How to autofill username and password on a Mac

Most of us fill out lots of web forms every day when purchasing online, logging into websites, mail and bank accounts, social network, and more. Even if only general information such as login and password is required, filling online forms is really boring and annoying. But, of course, there is a solution - the Form AutoFill option available in Safari. Just save the information you need and Safari will fill it out automatically every time you need.

How to fill passwords in Safari automatically

If you use MacBook, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc. Form AutoFill saves login information you enter on websites and then fills logins and passwords automatically when you revisit them.

1. Choose Safari > Preferences.

2. Click AutoFill and check User names and passwords.

Safari Form AutoFill

Or you can click Passwords and check the AutoFill user names and passwords option.

AutoFill user names and passwords

3. The first time you enter your user name and password, Safari shows the dialog window asking if you would like to save the password.

Save user name and password

To save your login details click Save password.

Save user name and password

Now, when you revisit the website, Safari automatically provides your user name and password for this website when you click in the user name field.

If you do not want Safari to remember your user name and password, click Never for This Website. In this case, your password can't be saved and filled until you uncheck this status. In this case, to let Safari save and autofill your password for a website, remove the website from this list.

If you don't want to save the password right now, select Not Now, so you can save the password the next time you visit the webpage.

How to view, add and remove passwords in Safari

You can view and remove saved passwords in Safari password preferences.

To manage saved passwords or add new passwords:

1. Choose Safari > Preferences.

2. Click Passwords

AutoFill user names and passwords

To edit a website url, user name, or password, just double-click on it.

Here you can easily add websites, user names, and passwords to the list by clicking the Add button.

To show passwords instead of dots, check Show passwords for selected websites.

If you instructed Safari never to save the password for certain website by clicking Never for This Website in the dialog that appeared when you first signed into it, your password can't be saved until you uncheck this status by removing the entry from the list.

If you have problems with saving your login information:

Check the AutoFill option is turned on: choose Safari > Preferences, click AutoFill, then make sure User names and passwords is selected.

Also it could happen the website does not allow passwords to be saved.

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