How to copy and paste text and images on iPhone

Copying and pasting is a great way to move text, images, photos and other content between different apps, for example, you could copy a phone number from an email and paste it into an email, Notes or or Contacts or you copy a photo from a web page and paste it into Pages. This tutorial will show you how you can copy content in one app and paste it into another on your iPhone and iPad.
Copying and pasting content can be done through the pop up menu.
How to copy text on iPhone:
Tap and hold your finger on the text you want to copy until the magnifying glass appears. Now, remove your finger and you will see the word you tapped is highlighted and the pop up menu appears.

If you want to copy a range of text, drag the blue circular bars at each end of the highlighted word to select the text you want and then tap Copy in the pop-up menu.
In some apps the pop-up menu offers Select/Select All options. In this case, select one of these options and then select Copy.
Now, when the text is copied, you can then paste it.

How to copy images:
Simply tap and hold your finger on an image and choose Copy.

How to paste text and images on iPhone:
If you want to paste the copies text or image to another app, open it, tap the place where you want to paste the text or image and hold your finger until the magnifying glass appears, then remove your finger and tap Paste in the pop up menu.

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