How to autofill forms on iPhone and iPad

With the Form AutoFill option available in Safari you can enter information into web forms on iOS device automatically using your contact information, previous user names, passwords, or credit card info. If you sync Safari with iCloud, AutoFill information will be available on all devices and computers synced with iCloud.

To start filling web forms automatically on iPhone and iPad, you should enable Form AutoFill in Safari and add all information you wish to use for autofill - create a contacts card for yourself in Contacts, save login information, credit card information.

How to create a Contacts card in the Contacts app

Open the Contacts app and tap "+".

Fill out the form with your personal information.

Tap Done to save contact information.

Now, when you have your contact details in the Contacts app, enable AutoFill in Safari.

How to enable Form AutoFill on iPhone and iPad

Open Settings on your iOS device and find Safari.

Safari settings

Tap on AutoFill.

Toggle 'Use Contact Info' to on.

Tap on 'My Info' and select your contact entry in Contacts so Safari fills in web forms with your personal information from Contacts.

Enable the Autofill options you need:

Autofill options in Safari

Toggle 'Names and Passwords' to on, if you want Safari to save user names and passwords you input on webpages. The first time you type your name and password on a web page that requires that information, Safari asks if you want to save the password.

'Credit Cards' - if this option is on, Safari will fill in the credit card information automatically. If you have a list of saved credit cards, you will be able to select the necessary one form the list.

To add credit card information to Safari, tap on Saved Credit. You could be asked to enter the iPad passcode for Settings, so enter it.

Tap Add Credit Card.

Add Credit Card for Autofill

Fill in the credit card information (cardholder, number, expiration date and optionally description).

Add Credit Card information for Autofill

You can also add your credit card details with the Use Camera option.

Use Camera option

Now, when you need to input your credit card details, tap in the credit card field and then tap AutoFill Credit Card.

How to use AutoFill on iPhone and iPad

If you enabled AutoFill on your iOS device, when you fill a web form, tap AutoFill on the pop up keyboard and Safari fills in the information you saved in Contacts (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc) into the appropriate fields.

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