Productivity apps you need to be more effective

Here you can find a list of apps that can boost your productivity, including the contact organizer, various converters and business calculators. Most apps are available for both computers and mobile devices.

Business Contact Book
Business Contact Book
Business Contact Book is a powerful contact manager available on macOS. It has lots of useful features, including advanced sorting, search, various printing setting, automatic backup and more that makes it a good solution for everybody who needs to work with large databases. The app allows you to import your contacts from Mac Contacts. You can also easily resolve duplicates while importing.
This is a must-have for those who need to organize and manage personal and business contacts in one place. Business Contact Book maintains two linked contact lists – one for companies and one for personal contacts. You can easily switch between them to add, manage, sort and find contact details. Using the Trash option, you can easily restore deleted contacts that protects you from accidental data loss.
Percentage Calculator
Percentage Calculator
Percentage Calculator is a free online app that does everything you would expect a percentage calculator app to do and even more. You can perform all the necessary percentage calculations - calculate the percentage of a number, find the number when you know the percentage and the part, calculate the proportion of one number to another, find the percentage change, percentage difference and more. In addition, Percentage Calculator lets you make percentage calculations with fractions. It also includes history, shows the details of calculation and sends results via email.
VAT Calculator
VAT Calculator
This handy tool helps you calculate the price before and after VAT and VAT amount with a few clicks. VAT calculator allows you to enter any VAT rate, making the app useful for any country.
Unit conversion application
A great app to convert between units.
RNG - Random Number Generator app
Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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