Linear equation solver

Solves a wide range of linear equations in one variable.
Solves linear equations with integers, fractions and decimals.
Solves linear equations with brackets.
Shows calculation details.

Solving first degree equations step by step online

Linear Equation Solver solves a wide range of linear equations (first degree equations) in one variable. Just enter a linear equation and click 'Solve'.


Solving one-step linear equations.

Solving two-step linear equations.

Solving multi-step linear equations.

Linear Equation Solver keeps history with the possibility to recall previous equations.

Linear Equation Solver provides built-in templates for solving first degree equations in the forms ax + b = c and ax + b = cx + d.

Note: Linear Equation Solver does not solve first degree equations with a variable in the denominator.

Monday, May 20, 2019

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