About Us

Intemodino Group is a private company located in Prague, Czech Republic. At Intemodino Group, we are dedicated to creating high-quality, effective and user-friendly apps and services that help with everyday tasks and allow our users to get more productive.

Intemodino Group was founded in 2007. The initial idea was to offer cross-platform and easy-to-use online apps as an alternative to software that depends on the operating system and requires download and installation.

Now, we are focused on developing productivity and math related applications. Our apps are available online, on Mac computers and on mobile devices with iOS and Android.

For about ten years, we have been developing computer and mobile apps and web applications. We have successfully delivered over 30 projects.

Our mission is to create apps that make life and work easier. Now, when every individual or business constantly uses computers and mobile devices to perform everyday tasks, we believe that our math and productivity applications should be available for everyone. So, at Intemodino Group, we provide online versions of our products absolutely free. All our apps are ads free that allows users to concentrate on their tasks.

Quality is our number one priority. At Intemodino Group, we focus on every detail of functionality and design that makes our apps powerful but intuitive and easy to use.

By combining our experience and sophisticated technologies we work hard to constantly expand and improve our services and products.

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